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都是煙霾惹的祸, 害我没得去跑步. 我很难才提起决心来锻炼我的身体, 现在巴生谷地区的煙霾情況非常糟糕, 空氣中帶有浓浓的燒焦味, 我的减肥计划可泡汤了, 唉… 不但如此, 现在我连呼吸都很困难… 快.. 我需要人工呼吸!

3 Responses to “Haze”

  1. poh Says:


  2. becky Says:

    哈哈… 讲讲而已, 我常都是三分钟热度的, 最重要还是身体健康!!

  3. Fish Says:

    Becky, isn’t that place is taken in front of your office? I thought only KL worse but i never imagine klang affected much too…