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Wah… spent a lot on food last 2 days, last saturday we dinner SS2 “long si fu”, after that go to Serdang “Hai Lo” yam cha… cause Paul asked me go to support his friend “Uglyman” there…. :)

Yesterday, we plan to go to eat japanese buffet at Klang, but i feel this few days spent a lot so we change it from buffet to ala carte… buffet is rm48++, as our experience we never spend over rm30 for ala carte japanese food. So… we eat and eat, never think of the price…. after that chit chat for 1 hour… ok… going to leave and ask for the bill…. wow… RM190++ for 4 persons… 1 person rm45 man… we are so regret why we din choose buffet style, aiks… too late we know it… next time we wont choose ala carte at that restaurant again… After lunch then we go to choose lamp for Audrey new house, she are so choisy, we use a lot of time to survey and choose for 3 shops only. When we arrive home around 6pm, watch VCD for a while and prepare to go learn dancing. After dancing we eat again…. this time is steamboat… but luckily this time just rm10 per person… hehe… thats all for my last weekend…. How about you?

3 Responses to “Weekend…”

  1. Fish Says:

    wahh..so shocking, 1 person RM45.00… O.O mahalnye~ i will surely remember to bring extra $$ when going out with you guys if Becky invite me :P

  2. Paul Says:

    hey.. thank for coming :) and you had nice food also never invite :P

  3. becky Says:

    haha.. dunt be like that la my lovely di di… next time we go to eat together ok? eat japanese buffet also… hehe