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Happy Birthday Chia..

Today is Miss Chia birthday… we all go to japanese restaurant to celebrate… very full and sleepy now, but have to continue work too… hehe
Happy birthday
Mices Technology staff… the white t-shirt guy is ang, from left to right -> chei shen, poh ngo, melania (pink shirt), chia (birthday girl), bee geok, pei yee, me and the last leng lui –>Shirley Tai Ka Jie.. she is mices tech client

6 Responses to “Happy Birthday Chia..”

  1. Says:

    happy birthday chia!!! May be you don’t know me, but i saw you few times :P

  2. chia Says:

    i know u. tat long hair guy right? haha. thanks for my colleague, shirley & u.

  3. becky Says:

    u see bee like a mickey mouse… extra 2 ears there

  4. mel Says:

    haha..u r right becky! bee looks so cute there…:-D
    nway…Happy birthday once again chia and have a wonderful day…

  5. Says:

    ya lo… why the extra ears appear there?

  6. 小蜜蜂 Says:

    im not mickey mouse, im mickey bee.. ^_^