Waiting 4 months to get a free….

As everybody know my car CD player was stolen on June, that time I have to no have extra money to buy a new one, so I suggest my friends give me as a birthday present.. haha… My friends laugh me, they bet I will go to buy by my own before the birthday. Ya… Im the person cannot without song/music when i driving…. but if i can wait then I will get a free CD player… why not I wait for that 4 months? right?

Finally… I get that… is free… hahaha…. before 1 week of my birthday I already get that, so hard I wait for this 4 months. Last saturday, Ang and Audrey go to “Brothers” with me to install it, I changed my 6″x9″ speaker too… sound good… I like it very much!

After I install the CD player, I back home wash my car immediately, clean the car and make tidy… haha… before that I ignore it cause too many problems of my car and I have no mood to take care it… now I will try take care of it … althought it is 7 years proton iswara… :)

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