Happy Birthday My Lovely Cute Lui….

Happy birthday to youX2, Happy Birthday to Lui Lui, Happy Birthday to you…. hahaha…. today is my Lui Lui (Audrey) big day. Audrey is my very close best friends, close till many people think we are lesbian… haha.. something wrong with them right? hahaha..
we know each other around 3 years+ only, but she treat me very very good, always take care of me and spend me eat… this is 1 of the reason I becomes so fat now… haha… (audrey: dunt always blame me la) She is very nice and kind girls as many people know, thats why many people like to play with her.. if you want to know her, here is her MSN id –> audrey@chocoza.com

Well, We bought a IKEA computer table for her as a birthday present, she look happy to get that…Great! :)

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