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Late to Work!!

/blog_images/redspot.jpgAH… Today late to work!! :-( Yesterday on duty at Redspot Archery Centre untill 1:30am, usually we close the shop at 1am sharp or before of that, but yesterday all my friends “ki siao” (something wrong), they keep playing and have a small competition there, the person lose have to pumping 20 times. Yau, Eric and Wai also lose of the games, hehe… luckly i din join it, if i join i will lose too. Yesterday Audrey broke the girls record, she get 111 points (full point is 120pt), wao… GREAT!! This month prize i think she going to get it.

Come on… come to join Redspot, you will have fun there… :-)

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  1. Says:

    Wah lau!!! working there can get salary + prize!!! haha… but you work until so late. Late to work on next morning also not good le..