bad luck ….

really bad luck recently.. :( last 2 weeks just accident and spent me few hundred…. last week when I want to go back home lunch, I accidently fall down from the office stairs, luckily i wearing thick jeans so only hurt the knee and my palm…

yesterday I want to move back my 29″ TV from downstairs to to my room (upstairs)… my mum carry with me, when i move till half way I feel i cant able to handle again, so i ask my mum stop for a while, we thinking put that TV on the stairs to rest… when we want to put it down, we both no notice my hand is there, finally that heavy 29″ TV is drop on my finger, aiks… ppl said fingers pain is from heart, that time i pain untill my tears going to drop… the blood is inside the finger, my mum want to see what happen and accident press it somemore… oh no…. very very pain…my finger no beautiful anymore… hahaha.. :P Am I very careless? many friends said me that… hehe….

* addition: the title i spelling wrongly before, :P is bad luck , no “back luck”, thanks danny!

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