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Poh Ngo Birthday

Happy Birthday Poh!!! We celebrate Poh Birthday at Genki sushi this afternoon, Poh look no really like to eat sushi…. :P

4 Responses to “Poh Ngo Birthday”

  1. poh Says:

    TQ for birthday greeting n oso the sushi treat….No really like to eat sushi? Haha..coz i am a traditional ppl ma…more like to eat the chinese food lo..hehe…

  2. becky Says:

    okay… noted! Next time bring you go to eat chinese food….

  3. @gnes Says:

    hey,Genki Sushi?…My favorite le…hmm…Yummy Yummy…!!!

  4. becky Says:

    Last time bring you go to eat Gecki Sushi, you just eat few…. aiks…