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how to attract more people visit my blog?

I feel my blog very less ppl come to visit compare with danny and paul… haha… I should put some interesting things and news here right?… come on… give me some idea !! I think i wont like paul, so hardworking blogging everyday… hehe… sometimes i really lazy to typing (beside chatting by messenger) and touch my pc… got many things want to share with u all actually… my lousy english wont allow me to type some intersting story here… haha.. bad bad bad!

Erm… what should I have to put ?? sexy girl without clothes photos? hehe.. just kidding la…. just now i just check my statistic for my blog.. only got 20 to 30 visitors for 1 day… i saw paul 1 got few hundred visitors…. so big different… actually i plan to do some simple animation and let u all take a look, or maybe draw some comic to share with you all… ai… everything just think and plan, really x1000 lazy to start it… haha…

wow… is 1:30am now… i have to stop typing here and go to bed, luckily tomorrow only work half day (saturday)… after work can come back zzz…..

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