Taman Negara

Just back from Taman Negara, quite tired now…. tomorrow will write more and show the pictures here… :)

Pictures Updated:

1st Day
Gua Telinga
1st Day
Out from Gua Telinga, sweating..
1st Day Night
waiting for enter to the video room
1st Day Night
Boring video, almost sleep there…zzzz….

2nd Day
Canopy walk

Pic2: monkey drop into river

2nd Day
Finish canopy walk, group 4 photos
2nd Day Noon
Visit orang asli place

2nd Day Noon
I lost David sliper, sorry.. :P

Pic2: another monkey

Last Day
Group photos, 40 persons
Last Day
My gang, smile.. :)

6 Responses to “Taman Negara”

  1. daVId Says:

    slipper oh slipper .. may you rest in peace ok… im going to miss you so much .. so much …

  2. Dino Says:

    haha.. haven’t been to tmn negara .. wondering whether it’s nice ornot. from your photos it looks interesting!!

  3. Sze Says:

    Hi hi, this is de 1st time i visited yr Blog … very interesting :-) keep it on ….
    Soli, not really taking care of u guys during de trip .. :-(
    Dun woli, will be yr ‘Ah sei’ coming Phuket trip …. ~~
    PHUKET, we r heading to u sooonnn ……

  4. agnes Says:

    hey fren,i juz read u at my blog le…never tot tat u’ll visit to my cheap cheap blog one,hehee…how come i cant direct comment(reply) u at my blog there one ler?…little help pls…

  5. Joshua Says:

    cool… maybe i will catch it next time…

  6. becky Says:

    Hahaha… actually taman negara not really fun that u all think, quite boring sometimes actually… anyway, i enjoy with my friends too…