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时光匆匆不留停, 不知不觉我们都毕业八年了… 今晚的晚餐真的很有意思, 除了可以联络回一些久同学,还另我们想起以前读5TA (中学Form 5) 的趣事. 虽然今天出席的同学只有十多位, 不过我们的声音就能使到整间餐厅变得很吵闹… 

是的.. 5TA是出了名吱喳, 可能我们女生比较多吧.. 哈哈… 还记得有好几次我们都被老师投诉和惩罚… 老师还说上一届的5TA出名成绩好, 而我们是出名乱和吵, 这句话我想起都蛮好笑的… 我们的班的学生有好几位女生很会逗我们笑的, 尤其趁老师不在时, 她们一定会扮鬼扮马另到全班的同学哈哈大笑…除此之外, 我们还常常当逃学威龙, 逃去吃虾面, 嘻! 嗯… 真的很怀念那时的日子, 非常的开心和没烦恼…

现在大家都成熟多了(我是指样子), 不过谈起话来还是老样子, 和当年没什么分别, 哈哈…现在大家都不是为学业而努力了, 而是为了三餐. 当然我们也离不开事业这话题, 看他们个个都是人才, 前途一片光芒… 我呢? 还是别提好了…. :P


6 Responses to “5TA的聚会”

  1. agnes Says:

    i know u not really happy to9…but sometimes we really have no idea what to do when face this kind of problems…
    but remember fren…whatever happening i’ll be ur side n ready to listen 2 u anytimes,ya….
    take good care! Muackkk….

  2. becky Says:

    在晚餐的时候, 我接到一同电话, 我家又出事了… 我弟弟又闯祸…唉… 真是家家有本难年的径… 昨天我尽量把不开心的事放在一边, 和同学有说有笑…

    Agnes, 你是最好的… 哈哈!!

  3. agnes Says:

    sigh! Yesterday juz told u take good care only,now is my turn upset.Accident today…and went 2 police station waste my times at there but doing nothing finally.Those really useless,bad attitude policeman really makes me angry,too bad!How come they could be ‘dote on’ by goverment,huh?why should we ‘feed’ that stupid ‘doggy’untill so fat n unability to do something for us?!!… chi liao bee…
    gotta spend on my car d,sigh…
    Monday no transport go 2 work d…

  4. becky Says:

    1st time i go to report i waiting there 3 to 4 hours, that time very angry too… but now i notice is better much…

    so how much you have to spend this time? drive carefully ya…

  5. Phoebe Says:

    Hi Becky, am wondering when is my last letter mail to U…is a very very long time ago liao hor??somemore write in a paper then post it out to U, :-)

    Hey, is good to know U again thru your blog, at least I get to know what;s going on among the others.I know sometime is very hard to play like the past for my situation now, but i really appreaciate the moment we getting together and drop a fantastic memories in my life story. Thank U frenz.

    I hope U will be fine, am not the good companion, but i’lll be the good listener To U. I hope i can… :-)


  6. becky Says:

    Phoebe.. very supprise you read my blog! Of course I remember you wrote letter for me last time… I think is around 9 years ago right? haha.. so warm that time when I got your letter, now you already going to marry, hard to believe the time pass so fast… really old liao la.. cham.. wuwuwu…. haha…