P/S: 谢谢茹婷….从接机, 去吃, shopping, 回她家休息, 乘电单车去海边, 送机都那么的周到… 辛苦你了, 你几时会下来这呢? 是时候我招待你了… :)

很想念槟城的福建虾面和Asam Laksa… :P

2 Responses to “Penang”

  1. agnes Says:

    wah…u no need to thanks me like tat lar! just ngam ngam ho my house near airport ma so ma can fetch u lor,then my house got place 4 u 2 rest ma,then ma can stayed at my house lor (…wat else again?)…yup! “gorek siput”…but so waste u feel hungry n not join us,hehehe!…anyway,so great 2 met u this time with Audrey.I did eat a lots and fat liao lor! =)
    P/S: i know which laksa u n audrey preferred d…!!! next time i’ll be treat u that one again… =)

  2. becky Says:

    hahaha…. u eat like this call a lot? I fat like pig and no dare to face ppl now..hehe…
    feel great for last weekend, really thanks a lot to you… :)