Red VS Pink

Thanks for joining red and pink birthday party… thanks alot… muack…..

red and pink
red and pink
red and pink

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5 Responses to “Red VS Pink”

  1. dayu Says:



  2. becky Says:

    hahaha…. 我们红衣聚会已经过了…

  3. alison Says:

    Becky i oso have a lots of red shirt haha may i join wakakaka!!!

  4. becky Says:

    Party pass liao la… next time no more red and pink shirt la.. haha…

  5. agnes Says:

    my holidays?past oredi loo…this X’mas me gotta work lar…my bos not allowed us to on leave that day,so yam kong!
    Merry X’mas to u too….hohohoho!!!