Many friends birthday this month

1st sept-
Shirley birthday
Chia and me treat her lunch on 2nd Sept at Fruity infront our office
3rd sept- Sherman & Ben Chua birthday I forgot msg Sherman and wish him, only sms to Ben Chua, that day is saturday, of course Ben will celebrate with his gf…
8th Sept- Dawson Birthday Sms him only too
10th Sept - Vodka daughter & June Son Birthday 8:30pm-9:40pm: Vodka’s daughter 2 years old birthday, his daughter very cute and pretty…
10:00pm reach June house party, they going finish the party, I gave them a ang pao and sit for a while then left and go yam cha.. :)
12th Sept -
Kin Yen Birthday
Audrey and me ask her out to lunch or dinner on 11th Sept, but she said no free, too bad…
14th Sept - Boon Boon birthday My secondary classmate, very close and friend with her that time, but now less to meet already… I will try to call her when her big day coming
18th Sept - David Birthday My old pen pal, but now becomes best friend, he is from Sungai Buloh, his gf stay at klang too… he going to celebrate his birthday at A Famosa Melacca on 17th Sept, erm.. still consider it wanna join or not… because too far for us..
19th Sept - Agnes Birthday My another best pen pal from Penang, I know her over 10 years already, nowdays we less to write letter to each other, but still contact by sms… her birthday coming soon, but I still havent prepare anything for her.. :( hey guys!! give any idea for me…
22th Sept -
JC Birthday
This fellow sms him enough la… haha… end of month almost pok gai already… :P

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