plan to buy new camera

Thinking to change my camera, my old digital camera - Nikon 3100, bought on June 2003, I quite like this camera, but its battery cover was broke. Besides this the battery always low batt after i use over an hour, I heard someone said, nikon this model got problem of battery 1, thats why only sale on market around 2 months times then change to model Nikon 3200. I feel unconvenience to bring it along, just take some picture, then battery low sign appear on the screen, too bad!! Sometimes i really think to take more photos of my life to show you all, but… ai… so.. any camera recommend for me? below RM1300 ok? haha… or who want to buy for me as my birthday present? keke…

Other than that, I think to learn drawing since year 2000, but untill now still nobody want to accompany me to learn it. Why I dunt want go to learn alone? erm… if go to learn alone I think I will give up easily, haha… cause will feel boring and lonely there… :P I like to drawing since primary school time, but untill now my drawing skill still no improve, maybe I lazy to practice it, bad bad bad!!!

Besides drawing, I want to improve my english too.. look up … see my lousy and broken english? haha…. too many things think to do… think to go Korea, Hong Kong, Koh Samui, Australia and Japan travel too… hahahaha…. all regarding with $$$… somemore Im not young already, 25 years old now… still got so many things havent do…. sad… cham…. :(

2 Responses to “plan to buy new camera”

  1. Says:

    i also plan to buy new digital camera :P

  2. becky Says:

    you buy la… then i borrow from you… hahaha