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I am bangkok now

haha… I am bangkok now, before go to air port we still got an hour free time, so I walk to the internet cafe near by our hotel. How my holiday? I will show you the photos soon… I have no money now, even come to internet cafe also have to use friend money.. hahaha…. buy a lot of things… especially bra…. :P

okay… will update you all very soon….

11 Responses to “I am bangkok now”

  1. poh Says:

    Wah, then how much u spent? Coz i need to prepare it from now….Haha

  2. 小蜜蜂 Says:

    谢谢你带回来的手信哦..记得与我们分享你这次的旅程, 因为在明年的三月, 我们也即将在那里渡过.. ^^

  3. becky Says:

    I spent around 2.3k.. include hotel, air tickets, meal and everything… now becomes pok gai already.. tomorrow I will bring the map to office and teach u both how to go there.. :)

  4. poh Says:

    Wah, so much me? Pengsan…Bee on leave today le…

  5. Joshua Says:

    What the… 2.3k meh?
    U guys go by ownself or follow couch one?

  6. Max Says:

    no 手信 for malaysiakini’s staff? hehe

  7. becky Says:

    go by own and shop by own… the air tickets spent us rm618… :( but is malaysia air line la.. during xmas go to travel is like this 1…

  8. becky Says:

    Max, 你要什么手信, 那边人妖人多, 我不能带回来给你, 哈哈!

  9. esther Says:

    yeah…谢谢你的手信。。真的好喜欢。。 每一次旅行回来一定会受到你的手信。。 真的非常开心及感激。。。 love u dear… muackssss….. :*

  10. becky Says:

    你喜欢就好… 你生日快到了, 不知送什么给你好… Love you too.. hahahaa..

  11. Max Says:

    haha…couldn’t get the 人妖 back to malaysia.. but at least u should snap some photos.. post it on your blog .. tht’s good enought kekeke