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Back to busy Life

Forgot to inform you all I come back already… back to busy life now. Working hours rushing project, after work busy help my friend do something somemore… everyday got only few hours can sleep, going to sick soon… :(

Many ppl ask me where is the bangkok photo? the photos still at my friend Audrey there, when I get it I will show you all, be patient ya…

* photo add

Picture 1: Guy (Ah gua) pretty than girl..ai…

Picture 2: Pretty Ah gua

Location: A pub

Our Tour Van
In the van.. no in the plane.. hehe… nice? can sleep well when driver driving..

2 flowers… hahaha…

Location: Floating Market

We bought fruits from her…

Location: Floating Market

Im the shortest in the gangs… :(

Location: Grand Palace

Nice and big cap…

Location: Grand Palace

Kung Fu

Location: Grand Palace

See how they parking..

Location: MRT station at Chatucak

You know what is this?

Answer: T-shirt
The t-shirt is put inside the can… one for rm18.. we bought 13, so only rm15 per can… :)

5 Responses to “Back to busy Life”

  1. esther Says:

    haha… me too…wat a exhausted December… i need to work on 31 Dec, 1 Jan and 2 Jan 2006!! Will count down in Office ah~~ haha… but this year more better… company will provide us Hilton Hotel to stay :p .. so whn u thk of ur busy life, thk about me 1st… 是不是很大的安慰leh… :)

  2. becky Says:

    hahaha… finally u comment my blog… tomorrow I will go to the pub near mid valley.. if can we go to find u at Hilton ya…

  3. esther Says:

    really? haha.. come n visit me ho…ya.. so happy can goto celebrate… 1 Jan, Sunday somemore.. wat s a brand New day …1st day of 2006.. how wonderful if can goto church on Sun morning …but…but… too bad… :’(
    “hahaha… finally u comment my blog”…wah… dun say like tht lah.. i just mind tht u mind my poor eng publish in ur comment.. aiks.. :p

  4. becky Says:

    dunt only comment this la.. others le? hehe

  5. Joshua Says:

    think of the people don’t have work to do & sleep at road side :p
    todays, what you had is what u earned from your hardship :)
    Happy New Year guys…