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Back to busy Life

Friday, December 30th, 2005

Forgot to inform you all I come back already… back to busy life now. Working hours rushing project, after work busy help my friend do something somemore… everyday got only few hours can sleep, going to sick soon…
Many ppl ask me where is the bangkok photo? the photos still at […]

I am bangkok now

Sunday, December 25th, 2005

haha… I am bangkok now, before go to air port we still got an hour free time, so I walk to the internet cafe near by our hotel. How my holiday? I will show you the photos soon… I have no money now, even come to internet cafe also have to use friend money.. hahaha…. […]


Thursday, December 22nd, 2005

我最喜爱的节日将来临了, 有点遗憾今年没和班老友一起庆祝. 明天我将会乘下午班机去曼谷游玩, 顺便在那庆祝圣诞节, 那边的圣诞节好不好玩和热不热闹我也不清楚,希望不会另我失望吧…哈哈!
Merry Christmas, My all dear friends!!!
* 刚才看了King Kong , 很好看!三个小时的戏, 很值得!


Monday, December 19th, 2005

刚才接了我爸电话, 他告诉我他跌倒弄伤了手, 他还叫我去家附近的诊疗所找他, 我吓了一跳, 我很匆忙的赶去找他, 连电话和皮包都没带…
原来不是很大件事, 只是手扭到, 为了安全其见才到诊疗所照X光, 他叫我去是因为他不能驾车, 所以叫Uncle载我去现场把车驾回来… 说真的我还是第一次驾我爸的车… 蛮过隐的.. 嘻嘻… 可惜只有五分钟的路程….


Monday, December 19th, 2005

还以为工作的时间才会觉得累, 但我刚过的周末更加累… 昨天Audrey, Ang, Yau, Wai 和我去”马来西亚学佛会” 做義工。平时星期日迟起床的我,昨天真的很想赖在床上不想去… 不过已经答应了朋友不能不去… 我们做義工至到四点左右,收拾了东西就去Mid Valley California Fitness Centre 做gym。之前我们都拿了十四天短期会员证,为了别浪费这十四天免费试玩,我们一有时间都会想去那做些运动,而我的目标当然是瘦身减肥啦… 那的工作人员说我的Body Fat很多,如果不做多运动会影响到健康.. 呜呜..
做了两个小时的gym,,我们又去One Utama看戏,本来打算看King Kong的,满座!那我们只好看如果爱,这部电影蛮艺术的,我本人就觉得不错,不过我朋友看到睡着了,哈哈!看完了电影回到家都凌晨一点了,一回到家赶快刷牙换衣zzz….

You meet this case before?

Tuesday, December 13th, 2005

My friend- “L”, he work hard and hits the target to Hong Kong for vacation, before a day his company has a annual dinner, so all the staffs very enjoy the dinner, of course they drink much that night too…
the 2nd day… my friend “L” was over sleep and miss the flight to Hong […]

change again

Saturday, December 3rd, 2005

Finally i use more 30min to change this banner… really cannot accept previous banner…
Yup.. christmas is coming soon, what your plan? This christmas I will pass at Bangkok, Thailand.. this is 1st time I pass christmas at oversea, feeling no really good, because last few years I celebrate with my gangs (around 20 […]

how to attract more people visit my blog?

Saturday, December 3rd, 2005

I feel my blog very less ppl come to visit compare with danny and paul… haha… I should put some interesting things and news here right?… come on… give me some idea !! I think i wont like paul, so hardworking blogging everyday… hehe… sometimes i really lazy to typing (beside chatting by messenger) and […]


Friday, December 2nd, 2005

Dang Dang Dang Dang… New ugly banner out now!!! This is for december banner, november really no free to do it… so sorry… hehe… I just simple use few minutes draw these few face by photoshop brush… hehe… lazy pig is like this 1… think to draw christmas tree actually.. give up finally, christmas […]